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During almost 12 years the repeater has been up, I have been keeping it apolitical. But Putin has gone batshit and UVB-76 radio station is a weapon. So, while I keep translating it, you are welcome to also watch the Ukrainian news channel '34 Kanal' to see, what kind of events this signal is actually participating at today.
Slava Ukraini!

DISCLAIMER: I have no association with UVB-76 station, neither do I have any clue what is the content I am relaying. I can only assure, that the signal is received on 4.625MHz about 300km NW from supposed origin and retransmitted unaltered. In no way can I guarantee this service, nor be considered responsible of any content re-transmitted. The only purpose for this relay to exist is because lot of people who do not have equipment or are located too far from station seem to be interested about listening to it. Note, that because of shortwave radio signal propagation specifics the station is not always audible

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Condolences to Everybody in Japan

As the situation around the Fukushima power plant develops on the edge of possible meltdown, we can all only imagine what have the past few days have looked like for the nuclear engineers working on and off the site .. :(

Here is the piece fit to listen at the moment ..

The consequences of this disaster to the overall nuclear power developments are huge. Yet, do not forget that these reactors are ancient, all from the seventies. 


They have been designed at the time when majority of the industrial control was relays and majority of the radios run on vacuum tubes.. Certainly, their control systems have been upgraded several times since, but the reactors itself have more or less been running perpetually ever since.

Not being especially pro or contra of nuclear energy, I do sincerely believe the nuclear fusion reactors to be the future of the energy, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ITER.
The fact that electrical plant designed some 20 years after the first nuclear bomb test has gone out of hands after biggest ever in history earthquake has hit it, should not put the entire industry back in stone age.

However, I am afraid it does for a while ..

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