DISCLAIMER: I have no association with UVB-76 station, neither do I have any clue what is the content I am relaying. I can only assure, that the signal is received on 4.625MHz AM-modulated 900km NW from supposed origin and retransmitted unaltered. In no way can I guarantee this service, nor be considered responsible of any content re-transmitted. The only purpose for this relay to exist is because lot of people who do not have equipment or are located too far from station seem to be interested about listening to it. Should the UVB-76 station- or transmission content owners feel violated in any way, please contact me at uvb76.repeater@gmail.com and we will work it out.

Note, that because of shortwave radio signal propagation specifics the station can be more or less reliably received from around 4pm to 6am GMT on summertime. It is almost 24h audible during the winter, with short "skip-zone" blank-out around 6pm GMT.

The USB feed is considered as main source of audio today, as the voice messages are much better audible there than on the AM stream. However, the buzzer sound from the AM stream is somewhat more pleasant to listen at, so both feeds are kept simultaneously.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Local Interference on 4626kHz

Reception of the UVB-76 signal on 4625kHz has been disturbed for last two weeks or so by an unknown noise source. I have had no luck figuring out what it is so far, but it does look like a network-over-powerline thing someone could be using at the neighborhood. 

Judging from 24-hour waterfall pictures it has no relation to shortwave propagation effects (i.e. has to be relatively local) and does not change in frequency nor time, so it cant be from street lighting, phone charger gone grazy, plasma TV etc. It is also apparent with other radios I have, so it is also not the equipment at the streamer.

The noise stripe is repeating itself after every 50kHz from 2MHz to around 6MHz effectively rendering my shortwave capabilities to nil and does not seem to have plans for going away, so I'll have to start searching for the source!