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UVB-76 Classic Russian Phonetic Alphabet Coffee Mug
This classic Coffee Mug has UVB-76 in cyrillic on one side and real-life usable russian phonetic alphabet on other, so you will never misspell any of the voice messages again! :)
Add to Cart Termally Sensitive LCD Waterfall Coffe Mug LCD WATERFALL MUG
Hottest Mug Ever - covered with thermally sensitive paint! If cold, this mug looks plain and dull like any other. Fill it with hot beverage, and the full panoramic waterfall of the UVB-76 Temporary Internet Repeater WinradHD screen appears!
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UVB-76 T-shirt for men
The T-shirt design has so far changed with every item produced, so you will see how it looks like once you open your package :) ...
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UVB-76 T-shirt for girls
As there has been no orders for girls T-shirt yet, I havent fully decided about the design. Likewise its masculine counterpart, one will see when one opens the package :)
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