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During almost 12 years the repeater has been up, I have been keeping it apolitical. But Putin has gone batshit and UVB-76 radio station is a weapon. So, while I keep translating it, you are welcome to also watch the Ukrainian news channel '34 Kanal' to see, what kind of events this signal is actually participating at today.
Slava Ukraini!

DISCLAIMER: I have no association with UVB-76 station, neither do I have any clue what is the content I am relaying. I can only assure, that the signal is received on 4.625MHz about 300km NW from supposed origin and retransmitted unaltered. In no way can I guarantee this service, nor be considered responsible of any content re-transmitted. The only purpose for this relay to exist is because lot of people who do not have equipment or are located too far from station seem to be interested about listening to it. Note, that because of shortwave radio signal propagation specifics the station is not always audible

Sunday, September 12, 2010

UVB-76 - No buzzer but voice

Since the UVB-76 lost its buzzer sound on Sptember 9'th there have been hardly any audible tests on 4.625MHz. However, the station has not become extinct, as several voice transmissions have happened since. The latest was today, September 11 at 13.53UTC.

The transmissions yesterday night were somehow related to the phone line communication, up to the point where russian internet forums started to speculate that UVB-76 is hardwired somehow to a phone exchange. Considering the amount of clicks, pops, line noise, and the fact that in voice transmissions recordings people are responding to the call with "allo", which is pretty much the same meaning as "hello" in western phone communication (and never is used in radio transmissions in Russia nor anywhere else),  this theory has some grounds.

These are the recordings of the possible phone conversations

And these are the other voice messages transmitted meanwhile


  1. There was an interesting stream of noise a couple of days ago that I also recorded. I put up an excerpt:


    1. I'm not very familiar with radio things, but I became very interested in this "conspiracy". Is there any way I can access it from the United States?

  2. Looks like someone might have caught some backwards music station like activity.

  3. About last recording: only I hear the callsign as UZB-76? (Z instead of V)

  4. It seems to me that the callsign could be even UZB-93…

  5. @Kačer: don't know whether it's UZB or UVB, but it's definitely 76 in the message.

  6. @Edwin Have you listened to older recordings if it is UVB or UZB?

  7. Remote controlled HF transmitter where the voice path can be connected into the command center switchboard is probably common. We used similar techniques in Sweden during my military service in the 1980's . ( which wasn't so digital)

  8. @Kačer: I also thought about this when listening to "93882 Naimina..." message.

  9. I got a Morse code today :D

  10. 200 am est. (600utc) strange deeper buzzing with tapping and perhaps morse. continuing to listen

  11. @kevin: Is this through your own receiver or via the AM stream ?

  12. @kevin

    Honestly to me, it sounds like the bass drum of music bleeding through. You guys know a lot more about this stuff than I do, though.


  13. It appears it is back up..buzzer sounds different than before the "maintenance" though. Maybe it is no longer an open mic buzzer?