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During almost 12 years the repeater has been up, I have been keeping it apolitical. But Putin has gone batshit and UVB-76 radio station is a weapon. So, while I keep translating it, you are welcome to also watch the Ukrainian news channel '34 Kanal' to see, what kind of events this signal is actually participating at today.
Slava Ukraini!

DISCLAIMER: I have no association with UVB-76 station, neither do I have any clue what is the content I am relaying. I can only assure, that the signal is received on 4.625MHz about 300km NW from supposed origin and retransmitted unaltered. In no way can I guarantee this service, nor be considered responsible of any content re-transmitted. The only purpose for this relay to exist is because lot of people who do not have equipment or are located too far from station seem to be interested about listening to it. Note, that because of shortwave radio signal propagation specifics the station is not always audible

Sunday, March 20, 2011

UVB-76 on RADIAATOR Festival

Here are some pictures of the setup at the festival bar :) The radio is of course the R-250 with the power supply sitting on top of it. I took the liberty of borrowing one of the Karl's original forum logo versions and printed a small banner of it as well.
The strange hat with goggles in front is the ancient Russian vehicle driver gen1 night vision helmet brought just for a amusement and for headphones' sake. However, as the goggles are actually working (off the 9volt battery, in fact!), they got some quite heavy use :)

As an aftermath, dragging the radio to the site was worth every bit of effort! The reception was exceptionally good using the magnetic loop antenna exactly as described in the blog. It made surprisingly good 61m (4750-5060 kHz), 49m (5900-6200 kHz) and 41m (7200-7450 kHz) shortwave broadcast band antenna (another good reason for building it!) and also picked up buzzer crystal clear without any tuning of the antenna needed.

The overall amusement from the fact that anything such shortwave even exists, together with excitement of all the broadcasts received made it a nice conversation piece and reminded several people that once in the highschool they wanted to be radio amateurs, but have ever since forgot about that dream! The radio was also the ambience sound of the bar most of the time.

For everybody dialing through the wilderness of shortwave bands, here is a piece of recording I made at the festival. The group is called "Eesti Elekter" (Estonian Electricity) and the gig at the festival consisted of stage full of samplers, loopers, filters and whatever else, all fed by different transistor radios and processed live!
The result, I shall say, is stunningly close what we hear on a daily basis, so next time the noise you are picking up starts feeling like if someone has composed it, it actually may be! :)

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