UVB-76 Live stream

Ukraine - 34 Kanal



These are the USB stream archives from the UVB-76 Temporary Internet Repeater. The "1." file in the list is actually having less than 1 minute lag from real-time, as the file is updated in every 30 seconds!

The file name has time and date embedded, time is in UTC (hhmmss), so if you play the files, your playing time is actually reflecting a transmission time in UTC for the files having a timestamp 0000xx. If the streaming has been restarted for some reason (in case fo network eror f.ex), the calculation of the time is of course a little bit trickier.
The Older archive files what have "UTC+3" embedded in their names are, like the name sais, with the timestamp from that timezone (it is GMT+2 timezone with additional +1 hour happening from daylight saving).

The MP3 files are, in some reason, about 15min shorter than the 24h they should be. I have still to figure out why, but so far please just be aware, that there is a timing error accumulating over time - they are 24h recordings, but slightly time-compressed.

I do not have a separate development branch at the moment, so this page may give back strange results sometimes as I am modifying the code. On that case please check back after couple of minutes, as I will not leave it with broken functionality for long.

While the AM feed is getting archived at the repeater simultaneously, there is no meaningful reason to upload both archives and USB seems to make more sense to publish.